Cable Rides

Cable ride (20,00 m) with ramp 0-42223-000


Technical data
Area: 3,60 x 22,40 m
Minimum space: 5,60 x 24,25 m
Length of cable: 20,00 m
Height of starting station: 3,90 m (above play level)
Height of arrival station: 3,05 m (above play level)
Cross beam: hot dip galvanized steel, powder coated and stove enamelled, colour: red/RAL 2002
Cable ride support frame: hot dip galvanized steel, Ø 88,9 x 5,6 mm
Cable fastening with tensioning device for easy linear tightening of the cable with irreversible trapezoid thread spindle.
Arial ropeway-platform combination consisting of ramp, 1.80 m x 2.90 m, under approx. leading 20° inclination of play level zero on h = 1.00 m, and starting ramp, 1.80 x 2.30 m, h = 1.00 m; both with sub-construction from steel and square timber lining from robinie
Cable: hot dip galvanized steel Ø 10 mm, with shock absorbers.
Pulley: stainless steel sheet with wheels of polyamid, run on sealed anti-friction bearings.
Handle: stainless steel chain, fitted with a flexible red rubber moulded grip.
Pendulum seat: rubber with aluminium insert.
The modelling of the starting and arrival station is not necessary because of the integrated ramp.

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