Cable Rides

Cable ferry 0-42500-001

Technical data
Area : 1,40 x 2,20 m
Height: 1,25 m
Weight: 210 kg as a whole

– pontoon: welded structure from stainless steel
– platform from profiled stainless steel
– handrail: stainless steel tube, detachable Ø 38 x 2 mm
– carrying capacity: 200 kg

Approximate assembly values
– delivery as a whole –

Free height of fall
0,30 m

Appropriate for
children from the age of 5 years up
supervised playgrounds
physical activity

Please note:
1. For a safe and trouble-free use of the ferry when used by several children or adults, a water depth of at least 0,60 m is essential to avoid hitting the ground.
2. The German standard for the planning of public playgrounds (DIN 18034) demands a maximum water depth of 0,40 m. Therefore, we exclusively recommend this cable ferry for supervised playgrounds.
3. Outside Germany, please respect corresponding national regulations with regard to water and water depths on public playgrounds or in leisure parks.
4. In order to ensure a sufficient rope tension and a correspondingly small sag of the rope, the maximum length of the ferry rope is restricted to 30,00 m.

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