Water Play Equipment

Water pump with hand wheel (stainless steel) 0-33131-001

Technical data
Height: 1,20 m
Weight: 35 kg as a whole

Suction pipe connection 1 ¼ in (pipe diameter at least ¾ in), welded stainless steel construction, fully encapsulated pump housing, pump mechanism with roller and anti-friction bearing. During winter season, a removal of the upper housing and the hand wheel is indispensable, (winter) cover panel for the bottom part is included with delivery.

Please note:
The installation of the water pump to a pressure water pipe requires a Valve combination (item no. 0-33190-000 or 0-33195-000).
Please also consider the basic technical details given in the installation instructions (such as spacing, pipe diameters etc.); upon request, you will receive them directly from K&K or by downloading the corresponding PDF from www.kaiser-kuehne.com.

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