Cable Rides

Cable ferry 0-42505-000

Technical data
Area : 2,75 x 1,90 m
Height: 1,35 m

– pontoon: welded structure made from stainless steel, material specification 1.4301
– platform: profiled wooded deck from grooved Accoya/trapezoid profiles 142 x 25 x 3000 mm
– handrail/rope guide: tubular stainless steel Ø 38×2/Ø 30×2 mm

Please consider the following details:
1. For a safe and trouble-free operation, a mimimum water depth of 0,60 m is necessary (operation by several children or adults without running aground of the ferry).
2. Due to a maximum water depth of 0,40 m, as prescripted by the (German) standards for planning public playgrounds (DIN 18034), we exclusively recommend its operation on supervised playgrounds.
3. For a ferry use outside Germany, observe respective national regulations corresponding water, water depths on public playgrounds or leisure parks.
4. To ensure a sufficient rope tension and little sag, the maximum admissible length of the rope amounts to 30 m.

Operation load: 400 kg maximum

Assembly values
– delivery as a whole –

Free height of fall
0,30 m

Appropriate for
children from the age of 5 years up
supervised playgrounds
motion activities

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