Water Play Equipment

Water dispenser including winter season cover 0-33119-003

Technical data
Height: 1,13 m
Weight: 25 kg as a whole

Stainless steel construction with magnetic valve control for a direct connection (3/4 in.) to a pressurised water supply (equal to or larger than 1/2 in. respectively equal to or larger than DN 15).
Control unit consisting of control module, watertight shrink-wrapped 6V battery, Piezo pushbutton. Preset manufacturer default for hygienic rinsing procedure (12 hours after final use).
Including winter season cover panel.

Please note:
Depending on the water cleanliness (particulate material etc.) we strongly recommend to install a fine filter (e.g. K&K item no. 3990039) to prevent dirt from affecting the function of the water dispenser or even from its failure.

Installation and connection of the water dispenser have to be carried out by a suitably qualified plumber.

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