Water Play Equipment

Retaining weir 0-33314-003

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Technical data
Height: 0,70 m
Weight: 15 kg as a whole

Stainless steel construction with rotating water shutoff damper made from two panels of high pressure laminate of 15 mm thickness

Foundations (on site)
2 pcs. 0,30 x 0,30 x 0,40 m
concrete amount: 0,07 m³

Approximate assembly values
delivery as a whole

Please note:
According to the standard for playground equipment, the retaining weir is intentionally operated by children. Due to its construction, it is not even sealing in a completely closed position. The full effect of retention can only be achieved in case the amount of water flowing down the trough is bigger than the little loss of water at the closed weir. Please keep in mind that the retention effect is higher where a smaller trough is used.