Rotating Platforms

Rotating ball with depth anchorage 0-43201-001


Technical data
Height: 1,05 m
Area: Ø 0,87 m
Minimum space: Ø 3,87 m (12 m²)
Weight: 55 kg heaviest single component
65 kg as a whole

– rotating bowl and structure: stainless steel
– tamper-proof, dirt-protected roller bearing
– ring-shaped flange anchorage
– additional ground anchorage for installation into sand, gravel or bark mulch

Foundation (on site)
1 pc. 0,50 x 0,50 x 0,50 m
concrete amount: 0,2 m³

Approximate assembly values
1 mechanic 1 hour
(without creating foundation)

Free height of fall
0,45 m

Please note
The soil characteristics of the impact area surrounding the equipment must have an appropriate level of shock absorption corresponding to a free height of fall of at least 600 mm (according to EN 1176-5).

Appropriate for
children from the age of 3 years up,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity

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