Dalben Towers

Dalben tower (9,50) 9-12095-001






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Sunny Day


Dalben tower combination consisting of:
Dalben tower (9,50) with helical tunnel slide 30°/38° (5,00 m) and wide attachment slide (2,00 m);
coloured tower hood, with corrugated rubber flag

Technical data
Area: 7,00 x 8,00 m
Minimum space: 10,50 x 11,50 m (68 m²)
Height: 9,50 m + top element
Platform heights: 1,00 / 2,00 / 3,00 / 4,00 / 5,00 m

Laminated Larch Ø 20 cm with triple protective paint finish, supported by steel footings

Triangular timber platforms, laminated larch joists, platform covering from Robinia 95 x 30 mm, screw-fitted flange fixing to posts
Stainless steel ladder access from platform to platform (glass bead blasted safety barrier included), height of the first rung: 0,50 m

Protective barriers (upwards from platform height 1,00 m)
Welded structure made of stainless steel tubes Ø 21/33,7 mm, glass bead blasted, screw-fitted flange fixing to posts

Tower hood
Coloured High pressure laminate 15 mm

Top element
Corrugated rubber flag with flag pole

Wide attachment slide
Installation height: 2,00 m
Entrance height: 2,10 m
Inclination: 36°
Width: 1,10 m
Sheet metal thickness: 2,5 mm

Attachment slide, width 1,10 m, one-piece welded assembly, with roll-off prevention above the entrance section, of low noise level thanks to trough-shaping

Helical tunnel slide 30°/38°
Installation height: 5,00 m
Entrance height: 5,10 m
Inclination: 30°/38°
Sliding course: clockwise at an angle of 360°
Cross section of tunnel: Ø 0,80 m
Sliding sheet metal thickness: 2,5 mm

Sliding sections from stainless steel, of low noise level thanks to tunnel shape. Due to transport-related reasons, the slide is (in three parts) welded to a centre pylon including appropriate connecting flanges to facilitate installation on site.

For your planning, due to a possible sliding surface heating, please see to a north-east orientation of the slides or provide half-shade of trees.

Dowelling of each base plate by means of 2 stainless steel injection anchors, material specification A4.
As damage protection, the tower is equipped with a lightning conductor.

Foundations (on site)
4 pcs 1,00 x 1,00 x 0,50 m
3 pcs 1,00 x 0,40 x 0,40 m
1 pc. 1,00 x 0,40 x 0,50 m
1 pc. 0,80 x 0,80 x 1,00 m
1 pc. 0,90 x 1,25 x 0,40 m
concrete amount: 3,30 m³

Approximate assembly values
2 mechanics 20 hours each plus lifting gear
(without creating foundations)

Free height of fall
2,10 m

Appropriate for
children from the age of 8 years up,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity

The foundation sizes indicated in this quotation correspond to static requirements for soils with moderate solubility with an admissible footing pressure of at least σR,d = 150 kN/m² for towers with four posts.
With a deviating soil characteristic or with installation in areas with a high wind load (differing from wind zone 2 in Germany, equates to vref = 25,0 m/s) or with a high snow load (differing from snow load zone 2 in Germany, equates to sk ≥0,85 kN/m²), technical modifications of the product construction might become necessary (for instance the addition of cross bracings). Thereby, additional costs and the extension of the delivery time will arise.
Upon request of the customer, Kaiser & Kühne can engage a recognised engineering office to establish the necessary static calculation. The customer must bear the costs arising hereby. Any necessary evidence of the local conditions must be provided by the customer.

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