Freestanding Slides

Freestanding slide (1,60) 0-41127-000

Technical details
Area: 0,50 x 3,65 m
Safety area: 3,65 x 7,15 m
Total height: 2,35 m
Height of slide entrance: 1,60 m
Angle of chute: 38°
Width of chute: 0,41 m
Height of slide jaws: 0,17 m
Weigth: 100 kg heaviest single part
125 kg total

Two-piece stainless steel structure. Rung ladder with handrail. Seamless entrance, sliding and runout section are low noise due to thickness of sliding sheet metal 3 mm.

Please note for the planing, that the stainless steel slides in case of possible heating is justified to north-east ot is installed in the half shadow of trees.

Foundations (on site)
2 Pcs. 0,40 x 0,85 x 0,40 m

Installation time
2 men 1 hour each
(without foundation preparation)

HIC (free fall height)
1.60 m

Designed for
children form 4 years,
public playgrounds
motion activities

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