Flanged Wide Slides

Wide slide (1,60 m) flange fastening 0-41448-001

Technical data
Area: 1,10 x 3,50 m
Minimum space: 4,35 x 7,00 m
Installation height: 1,60 m
Height of slide entrance: 1,70 m
Slide must fixed directly (by means of rawlbolts or other hard surface anchors) to an existing concrete/hard surface.
Angle of chute: 36°
Width of chute: 1,10 m
Thickness of sliding sheet metal: 2,5 mm
One-piece stainless steel structure with additional support for chute runout. Low noise due to trough shape.
Weight: 145 kg total

Foundations (on site)
1 pcs 0,40 x 1,25 x 0,40 m

Installation time
Is delivered in one piece

free falling height
max. 1,70 m

Designed for
children from 3 years

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