Water Play Structures

Water play equipment 0-34152-501


Technical data
Area: 2,85 x 5,35 m
Minimum space: 5,80 x 8,35 m (37 m²)
Total height: 1,60 m
Platform height: 0,40 m
Weight: 65 kg heaviest single component
445 kg as a whole

Posts made from stainless steel tubes Ø 120 x 3 mm covered by non-detachable protective stainless steel caps.

Platforms from boards of 30 mm thickness and all-round square-shaped joists 45 x 100 mm. Dried timber from Robinia, planed, milled and free from decay. Force-fitting fastening through specific stainless steel brackets with end-to-end bolt assembly.
The pump platform is additionally covered by profiled stainless steel sheet.

Attachment parts
– stepped handrail from stainless steel tube Ø 33,7 x 2 mm

Water pump item no. 0-33130-001
Suction pipe connection 1 ¼ in (pipe diameter at least ¾ in), welded stainless steel construction, fully encapsulated pump housing, pump mechanism with roller and anti-friction bearing. During winter season, a removal of the upper housing and the handle is indispensable, (winter) cover panel for the bottom part is included with delivery.

Please note:
The installation of the water pump to a pressure water pipe requires a K&K Valve combination (item no. 0-33190-000 or 0-33195-000).
If the water supply to the pump (through a clock timer or similar) is interrupted, the pump handle must be safeguarded against operation (for example by the K&K pump latch, item no. 1040639). This prevents a handle setback due to an increasing negative pressure.
Please also consider the basic technical details given in the installation instructions (such as spacing, pipe diameters etc.); upon request, you will receive them directly from K&K or by downloading the corresponding PDF from www.kaiser-kuehne.com.

Distributing table (0,50) item no. 0-33480-000
Welded structure made of stainless steel with 2 water outlets. Conical stopper made of rubber with fixing device for total removal of water. Thickness of sheet steel: at least 2 mm/pipe Ø 38 mm.

Water trough type S2 2,40 m /Water wheel 0,60 m
Welded stainless steel construction with additional trough support. Sheet metal thickness: at least 2 mm. Inclined run-off, including flexible flap with stainless steel knob and reinforced rubber blade, clamping device for tube attachment Ø 38 mm. Water wheel consisting of 12 paddle wheels, rounded on the front end, framed by side panels. Water wheel mounted to roller bearing.

Water trough type S1 (1,60)
Welded stainless steel construction with additional trough support. Sheet metal thickness: min. 2 mm

Mixing plate (0,50) item no. 0-33451-000
Welded structure made of stainless steel with six water outlets. Pipe Ø 38 mm. Anchorage by means of ring-shaped bottom flange.
At extra charge, there are appropriate ring-shaped concrete foundations (015165) for flange fastening and concrete form blocks (015170) for masonry works to compensate different levels or for a safe installation with loose fall protection surfacing (sand, gravel etc.).

Metal components: stainless steel
Robinia timber is furnished with water-repellent, breathable protective coating. Besides protection from moisture, that treatment reduces crack formation. Thanks to a specific fastening adaptor, forces arising from the modular attachment parts are directly derived into the posts. Tamper-proof screw connections thanks to screws with security socket.

Foundations (on site)
6 pcs. 0,40 x 0,40 x 0,40 m
3 pcs. 0,50 x 0,50 x 0,50 m
1 pc. 0,50 x 0,70 x 0,50 m
concrete amount: 1,01 m³

Approximate assembly values
2 mechanics 1 1/2 hours each
(without creating foundations, without water supply connection)

Free height of fall
0,90 m

Appropriate for
children from the age of 4 years up,
public playgrounds etc.,
manual activity

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