Stainless steel Swing combination (2,50) 9-40348-220


Technical data
Area: 1,73 x 5,39 m
Minimum space: 8,05 x 5,39 m
Swing height: 2,50 m
Weight: 50 kg heaviest single component
250 kg as a whole

– Swing support posts from stainless steel, material specification 1.4301 Ø 76,1 mm, wall thickness 2,9 mm; attachment to swing crossbeam by means of connector plates
– Swing crossbeam from stainless steel, material specification 1.4301 Ø 88,9 mm, wall thickness 3,2 mm; attachment to swing supports by means of connector plates
– stainless steel swing axle with internal bearing axle from full material Ø 28 mm, external tube Ø 42,4 mm, wall thickness 2 mm and friction bearings
– trapezoid chain suspension consisting of stainless steel chains Ø 7 mm, with integrated roller bearing swivels preventing chain knotting
– chain attachment to swing axle and swing seat by clamping adaptors made from stainless steel
– safety swing seat made from rubber with stabilising Aluminium insert, gapless single-point chain suspension
– two-piece basket swing axle from stainless steel with ball bearings, hinged suspension link with crosswise friction bearing for chain mounting including an attachment device for swing seat retain to prevent from falling in case of a breakdown of the main attachment.
– swing basket with all around shock absorption by means of PUR foam, and blue PE cord sheathing Ø 20 mm; basket ring Ø 1,20 m from stainless steel tube Ø 38 mm, wall thickness 2 mm; basket consisting of blue and black plastic links with steel rope connection. Maximum acceleration amounts to 50g (certified by the German TÜV). According to DIN EN 1176-2, the limit value is at 120g. The surface pressure amounts to 79,6 N/cm² (certified by the German TÜV). The limit value is at 90N/cm².
– specially constructed swivels and universal joints, designed for high dynamic basket swing loads; therefore, no additional securing elements for the suspension system are necessary (according to EN 1176-2:2008)

Foundations (on site)
6 pcs. 0,50 x 0,70 x 0,50 m

Approximate assembly values
2 mechanics 2 1/2 hours each
(without creating foundations)

Free height of fall
1,59 m

Appropriate for
children from the age of 3 years up,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity

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