Spring See-Saws

Spring see-saw 0-44204-000


Feder und Teller RAL 1023

Technical Data
Area: Ø 0,45 m
Minimum space: Ø 2,80 m (7 m²)
Total height: 0,95 m
Seat height: 0,63 m
Compression spring: spring steel wire Ø 20 mm
Dome-shaped stainless steel seat with handle / weather-resistant
Weight: 25 kg as a whole

Ground anchorage included

Approximate assembly values
delivery as a whole

With loose particulate material (e.g. bark, woodchip, gravel or sand), it is essential to cover the base plates of the soil anchors by compressed concrete (0,80 x 0,50 x 0,10 m).
concrete amount: 0,04 m³

Free height of fall
0,62 m

Please note
The soil characteristics of the impact area surrounding the equipment must have an appropriate level of shock absorption corresponding to a free height of fall of at least 600 mm (according to EN 1176-6).

Appropriate for
children from the age of 2 years up,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity

For an easy installation into synthetic surfacing, a tailor-made anchorage is available at extra charge. With a temporary deinstallation of the spring see-saw, the opening in the ground can be covered by an appropriate stainless steel cover panel.

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