Robinia Benches

Small picnic table with one backrest 0-60284-000

Technical specifications
Area: 2,00 x 1,80 m
Table height: 0,72 m
Seat height: 0,42 m
Total weight: 160 kg

– Substructure made of stainless steel tubing 38 x 2 mm with stable base plates for dowelling or for fastening with ground anchors (on-site). Suitable foundation anchors (Art. 1140052) can be supplied at extra cost.
– Seat and table plank made of robinia 45 x 100 mm, planed, milled and free from decay, with additional equipment of a backrest on one bench.

The Robinia timber is furnished with water-repellent, breathable protective coating. Besides protection from moisture, that treatment reduces crack formation.

Metal components: Stainless steel.

Suitable for
All age groups,
public playgrounds, etc.,
social activities.

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