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Sunny Day


Technical data
Total height: 8,05 m
Height of platform: 0,60 up to 4,00 m
Height of slide entrance: 4,10 m
Posts: stainless steel tube Ø 120 x 3 mm
Platform covering: Robinia 95 x 30 mm
Infill barriers: Robinia 120 x 30 mm
Net tunnel: Hercules rope Ø 16 mm
Plank bridge: Robinia 60 x 60 mm/Hercules rope Ø 16 mm
Suspended bridge: Robinia 100 x 45 mm
Platform with integrated tensioning device
Roof: high pressure laminate 13 mm
Slide: sliding sheet metal 2,5 mm
Metal components: stainless steel
This item is available with stainless steel posts only

Foundation (on site)
61 pcs. 0,40 x 0,40 x 0,40 m
1 pc. 0,60 x 0,60 x 0,60 m
5 pcs. 0,60 x 1,00 x 0,50 m
1 pc. 0,80 x 0,80 x 1,00 m
3 pcs. 1,00 x 0,40 x 0,40 m
1 pc. 1,40 x 0,75 x 0,40 m

The foundation sizes indicated in this quotation correspond to static requirements for soils with moderate solubility with an admissible footing pressure of at least ?R,d = 100 kN/m².
With a deviating soil characteristic or with installation in areas with a high wind load (differing from wind zone 2 in Germany, equates to vref = 25,0 m/s) or with a high snow load (differing from snow load zone 2 in Germany, equates to sk ?0,85 kN/m²), technical modifications of the product construction might become necessary (for instance the addition of cross bracings). Thereby, additional costs and the extension of the delivery time will arise.
Upon request of the customer, Kaiser & Kühne can engage a recognised engineering office to establish the necessary static calculation. The customer must bear the costs arising hereby. Any necessary evidence of the local conditions must be provided by the customer.

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