Fitness Equipment

Leap frog post (0,60) 0-52606-700


Technical Data
Area: Ø 0,30 m
Minimum space: 2,00 m
Height: 0,60 m
Post: Laminated Robinia Ø 120 mm, stainless steel tubular pedestal for concrete-cast foundation and for fixed mounting to round Robinia posts, Ø 120 mm, below playing surface.
Jumping platform: High pressure laminate of 25 mm thickness
Metal components: stainless steel
Weight: 17 kg as a whole

Foundation (on site)
1 pc. 0,40 x 0,40 x 0,40 m
concrete amount: 0,06 m³

Approximate assembly values
delivery as a whole

Free height of fall
0,60 m

Appropriate for
users of all ages,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity

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