Hammock 0-61100-500

Technical data
Total height: 1,45 m
Area: 3,10 x 0,85 m
Minimum space: 6,10 x 3,85 m
Weight: 25 kg heaviest single component
75 kg as a whole

Posts made from stainless steel tubes Ø 12 cm covered by non-detachable protective stainless steel caps.

Attachment parts
– Hammock made from black Hercules ropes Ø 16 mm with safety devices for turnover protection, post suspension by means of U-shaped shackles made from stainless steel Ø 30 x 2 mm
– Tamper-proof screw connections thanks to screws with security socket.
– (Without extra charge), the hammock is either available in: red, blue, green, black, yellow, silver-grey, anthracite-coloured or skin-coloured.

Foundations (on site)
2 pcs. 0,60 x 0,60 x 0,80 m

Approximate assembly values
1 mechanic 1 hour
(without creating foundations)

Free height of fall
0,95 m

Appropriate for
users of all ages,
public playgrounds etc.,

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