Double Swing (2,50) hot-dip galvanised 0-40342-000


Technical data
Area: 1,75 x 3,65 m
Minimum space: 8,05 x 3,65 m (25 m²)
Swing height: 2,50 m
Weight: 36 kg heaviest single component
135 kg as a whole

– Swing support posts from hot-dip galvanised steel Ø 76,1 mm, wall thickness 2,9 mm; attachment to swing crossbeam by means of connector plates
– Swing crossbeam from hot-dip galvanised steel, Ø 88,9 mm, wall thickness 3,2 mm; attachment to swing supports by means of connector plates
– stainless steel swing axle with internal bearing axle from full material Ø 28 mm, external tube Ø 42,4 mm, wall thickness 2 mm and friction bearings
– trapezoid chain suspension consisting of stainless steel chains Ø 7 mm, with integrated roller bearing swivels preventing chain knotting
– chain attachment to swing axle and swing seat by clamping adaptors made from stainless steel
– safety swing seat made from rubber with stabilising Aluminium insert, gapless single-point chain suspension

Foundations (on site)
4 pcs. 0,50 x 0,70 x 0,50 m
concrete amount: 0,70 m³

Approximate assembly values
2 mechanics 1 1/2 hours each
(without creating foundations)

Free height of fall
1,50 m

Appropriate for
children from the age of 5 years up,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity

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