Molecular play

Bow, ball, clamp – that’s all it takes to create the right environment for challenging adventures. Building on this basic element, the “Actio” series from play equipment manufacturer Kaiser & Kühne offers more than 28 add-on pieces that can be combined to create countless adventure paths. Large spheres in strong colours together with galvanised steel arches form the characteristic look. Together with climbing walls, shimmy holes and rope stairs, the structure resembles a molecule. A modular system with five activity levels for demanding children.

„Actio“ by Kaiser & Kühne

  • Modular system similar to a molecule
  • Over 28 attachments with 5 activity levels
  • From chilled relaxed to challenging adventurous
  • Age group 6-16 years
  • Was extended by 11 attachments in 2019
  • Easy implementation of overall pedagogical concepts due to different attachments
  • Core elements: Arc (support), Sphere (cast aluminium ball) and Clamp (cast aluminium clamp)

Actio by Kaiser & Kühne:
Focus on safety, durability and flexibility

User safety, durability, resistance to vandalism and ease of maintenance through machine connection and storage technology are at the heart of Actio’s convincing product concept. Actio offers more than 60 prefabricated combinations – and countless more that can be realised by special customer requests.

Impressions: Experience Actio in action