We are the two new product testers at Kaiser & Kühne: Karl the Little Kaiser and Krissi the Brave. As an unbeatable duo, we put all premium play equipment through its paces, but in completely different ways. We would like to introduce ourselves:

I (Karl) am a total ace in math and physics at school and want to know everything in detail. Calculating slide speeds and swing heights is child’s play for me.

In contrast to Karl, I (Krissi) find the calculation of playground equipment totally boring. Playgrounds are there to be used! That’s why I prefer to find out for myself how high I can swing, jump and climb by playing and having fun.

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My profile:

Name: Karl

Nickname: The Little Kaiser

What I like to do: reading, arithmetic, inventing

My favorite activity: Testing playground equipment

What I want to be when I grow up: Play equipment inventor at Kaiser & Kühne

Favorite color: Red

Favorite school subject: Math, physics

Favorite play equipment: Slides

My profile:

Name: Krissi

Nickname: The Brave

What I like to do: Climbing, running, jumping

My favorite thing to do: Playing on playground equipment

What I want to be when I grow up: Test manager at Kaiser & Kühne

Favorite color: Green

Favorite school subject: Sports

Favorite play equipment: Climbing equipment

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