We welcome our new distributor for Western Canada! Welcome to our Team, Peak Play.

>>My name is Trevor Zahara. I own and operate the Peak Play Consulting Corp. (Peak Play). Peak Play is a Canadian distributor of some of the best playground equipment manufactured on the planet. Peak Play is also the way I bring more than three decades of experience and a team of professionals to the table. I offer advice on project development, design, budget, safety and regulatory compliance, as well as product and material sourcing.<<

We look forward to exciting playground projects!

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Canada is a North American country, bordering the USA to the south and extending across the Arctic Circle to the north. Besides the metropolis of Toronto, the largest cities include the film centre Vancouver on the west coast, the French-speaking cities of Montreal and Quebec City and the capital Ottawa. In addition, Canada has extensive wilderness areas, such as Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains, famous for its many lakes. Another major attraction is Niagara Falls on the border with the USA.

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